Help your air conditioner keep you cool.

  • -Maintain a clean air filter. Better flow, better efficiency, better cooling.
  • -Keep your air conditioning condenser (outside) clean and free of debris, leaves shrubbery and limbs. Use safety.
  • -Use fans to circulate air. Moving air dissipates heat.
  • -Install white shades on south and western facing windows and doors. Close during sunny and hot periods. Save that heat for winter.
  • -Try to spend more time in finished lower levels. Remember heat rises naturally, cool air drops.

Keep cool and save with these cheap and easy tips.

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We can't thank you enough for the comprehensive and thorough home inspection that you conducted for us on September 18, 2017. Buying a new/used home is stressful enough. There are many complex components in this type of transaction. But none is more critical than knowing exactly what you are purchasing. The consequences of a poor home inspection can cost a buyer thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars...

Thanks again for your dedication and expertise,

Mike and Agnes Saunders

Hey Andy
Just wanted to thank u so much for the inspection you did. U did a fantastic job I'm glad we ended up going with you. Yes I am satisfied with the house after we address those few things we need to get fixed asap...

Megan and Bo

I highly recommend Andy's Home Inspection, Inc. Andy provides a professional, honest and detailed Home Inspection. His background as a General Contractor allows him to notice details that many other inspectors may miss…

Steve Jamrok Realtor, Moke Realty

We are very pleased with the report and your attention to detail! And we will stay in touch if any questions arise...